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Vibrational study and thermal behavior of dihydrogenotriphosphate trihydrate of 4-aminobenzoic acid and its anhydrous new form fertilizer type NP

Mustapha Belhabra, Ismail Fahim, Azzedine Atibi, Khadija El Kababi, Ali Ouasri, Soufiane Zerraf, Malika Tridane, Mohammed Radid, Said Belaaouad


Chemical synthesis methods and IR spectrometry studies are reported for an organic triphosphate (NH3C6H4COOH)3H2P3O10.3H2O and its anhydrous new form NH3C6H4COOH)3H2P3O10. The hydrate compound (NH3C6H4COOH)3H2P3O10.3H2O was synthetized by the ion-exchange resin method. The dehydration of (NH3C6H4COOH)3H2P3O10.3H2O leads at 130°C to (NH3C6H4COOH)3H2P3O10 crystallizing in the triclinic system with space group P 1 (Z = 2) [a = 14.566(6) Å, b = 6.866 (1) Å, c = 6.445 (6) Å, α = 112.36 (3) °, β = 94.51 (1) °, γ = 95.94(7) °, and V = 587.98 (1) Å3 ]. Merit’s figures are M (10) = 91.9 and F (10) = 55.6 (0.0032, 56). Its thermal behavior and kinetic study were studied by using thermal analyses TGA and DTA techniques between 25 and 600°C.

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