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Dielectric and ac conductivity of ilmenite-type CdTiO3 ceramic

Radouane Bahloul, Salaeddine Sayouri, TajEddine Lamcharfi


Cadmium titanate CdTiO3 powder sample was prepared using the sol-gel route and calcined at 900°C. The dependence of the permittivity, loss tangent (tan δ) on the temperature in the range 40–600°C, and frequency in the range 103–2.106 Hz for the pure hexagonal ilmenite is reported. The ln(σac) versus T plots suggest that the conduction mechanism is of ionic hopping nature. The evolution of ln(σac) as a function of frequency suggests that the ionic hopping conduction decreases with the rise in temperature. The complex impedance plots revealed two depressed semicircular arcs indicating the bulk and interface contributions. The bulk resistance was found to increase with a decrease in temperature exhibiting typical semiconductor-like behavior

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