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Analysis of correlation between viscosity Arrhenius parameters: Extension to ternary liquid mixtures

Rami Haj Kacem, Mohamed Dallal, Nuhed Al-Omair, Ahlam Al-Arfaj, Nora Alzamel, Noureddine Ouerfelli


The study of viscosity-temperature dependence is important for the design and the optimization of several industrial processes and products. In this context, an interesting equation is recently proposed for pure solvents correlating the two parameters of the viscosity Arrhenius-type equation, as knowing the activation energy (Ea) and the pre-exponential factor (As), allowing the simplification of the viscosity Arrhenius equation to become an expression depending on only one parameter instead of two. The present work investigates the validity of the simplified Arrhenius-type equation for ternary fluids mixtures. The extension of the proposed equation to ternary liquid mixtures is very important since it simplifies the estimation of viscous behavior and the ensuing calculations. Using statistical methods and 114 experimental data from the literature on viscosity for 5 ternary liquid mixtures over different temperature ranges at atmospheric pressure, we found that the validation of the proposed equation depends significantly on the density of liquids and is validated only for 4 studied ternary liquid mixtures. This result opens the way to investigate the sensitivity of the equation’s parameters for more specific mixtures.

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