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Crystal structure of cyclohexylammonium hydrogen maleate salt hemi-hydrated

Waly Diallo, Boucar Diouf, Bougar Sarr, Mouhamadou Sembéne Boye, Pechev Stanislav Pavlov, François Michaud


The compound CyNH3[HOOC(CH)2COO]·H2O has been obtained using one pot-synthesis process by mixing, in methanol, HOOC(CH)2COOH, CyNH2 and SnPh3Cl in a 1:1:1 molar ratio. X-ray diffraction analysis of the compound reveals that in the crystal structure, hydrogen maleate [HOOC(CH)2COO]- in cis configuration interacts with [CyNH3]+ cations and water molecules to generate an R66(22) ring. The interconnections of the rings via simple (N–H··O and O–H··O) and bifurcated (N–H···(O, O)) hydrogen bonds give rise to a 2D supramolecular structure.

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