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Tin corrosion inhibition by molybdate ions in 0.2 M maleic acid solution: Electrochemical and surface analytical study

Brahim Ait Addi, Abdelaziz Ait Addi, Abdul Shaban, El Habib Ait Addi, Mohamed Hamdani


The inhibition efficiency of molybdate ions (MoO42-) against tin corrosion in 0.2 M Malic acid has been studied using electrochemical (DC and AC) and surface analytical methods (SEM and EDX). The electrochemical polarization curves revealed the presence of an active/passive transition of the tin electrode. The electrochemical impedance measurements (EIS) confirmed the benefic effect of increasing MoO42- concentration on the inhibition efficiency (η %) (reaching ηmax ≈ 88% at 0.02 M), whereas η % decreases by increasing temperature. The molybdate ions inhibition mechanism was attributed to the adsorption on the metal surface involving the formation of the adsorbed protective layer.

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