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Adsorption thermodynamics and isosteric heat of adsorption of Thymol onto sodic, pillared and organic bentonite

Mohamed Elmiz, Kamal Essifi, Doha Berraaouan, Samira Salhi, Abdesselam Tahani


We studied the temperature effects on thymol adsorption on sodium and modified clays from Nador, Morocco. The clay samples used for these analyses were purified and modified by sodium, Al13 and Cetyl Pyridinium chloride before they were used as an adsorbent for the adsorption of thymol from aqueous solution in batch adsorption procedure. The adsorption experiments were carried out as a function of temperature. The adsorption was found to be strongly dependent on the temperature. The Freundlich isotherm model showed an excellent fit to the equilibrium adsorption data. This equation indicates that the logarithm of KF is a linear function of temperature, and it decreases with temperature. The mean free energy (E) estimated from the Rankine (Calendar) modified model indicated that there is a significant relationship between adsorbed quantity and temperature and the primary mechanism governing the sorption process was a physisorption mechanism. The Arrhenius and Eyring equations were used to obtain the activation parameters such as activation energy (Ea), and enthalpy (ΔH°), entropy (ΔS°) and free energy (ΔG°) of activation for the adsorption system. Thermodynamic studies suggested the spontaneous and endothermic nature of adsorption of thymol green by sodium and purified bentonite. The isosteric heat of adsorption (ΔHX) was also determined from the equilibrium information using the Clausius–Clapeyron equation. ΔHX increased with increase in surface loading, indicating some lateral interactions between the adsorbed molecules.

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