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Structural and dielectric properties of Ba0.95Bi0.05Ti1-xFexO3ceramics at x=0.0, 0.1 and 0.2 prepared by solid state method

Najwa Gouitaa, Taj-dine Lamcharfi, Lamfadal Bouayad, Farid Abdi, Mohammed Naciri Bennani


The Ba0.95Bi0.05Ti1-xFexO3 ceramics at (x=0.0, 0.1 and 0.2) were prepared by the solid-state reaction method. The effect of iron substitution on structural and dielectric properties of Ba0.95Bi0.05TiO3 ceramic was studied. These compounds are found to crystallize in only tetragonal phase for x = 0.0 and 0.1 and the mixture of tetragonal and hexagonal phases for x = 0.2. The dielectric properties of Ba0.95Bi0.05Ti1-xFexO3 ceramics at x=0.0, 0.1 and 0.2 of Fe -doping concentration. The dielectric measurements as a function of temperature and frequency are studied and showed two diffuse phase transition and relaxation phenomena. The evolution of dielectric permittivity as a function of the frequency of undoped Ba0.95Bi0.05TiO3 show a relaxation phenomenon for which is displaced to the higher frequencies accompanied by a decrease in dielectric constant when x increase. The Complex impedance Cole-Cole plots showed a negative temperature coefficient of resistivity (NTCR) behavior of the Ba0.95Bi0.05Ti1-xFexO3 materials and increased in grain and grain boundaries resistivity. The relaxation behavior in the test materials is found to be of non-Debye type.

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