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Zinc-Chromium oxide catalyst for gas-phase ketonisation of pentanoic acid

Mohammed Al-ghamdi, Hossein Bayahia


Oxides of Zinc and Chromium mixed catalyst with different atomic ratios of Zinc and Chromium were tested in the ketonisation of pentanoic acid in the gas phase. These catalysts were active to form 5-nonanone, at 300 – 400 oC and ambient pressure. It was found that Zn-Cr with an atomic ratio (10:1) gave the best catalytic performance in comparison with other oxides with higher or lower atomic ratio of Zn and Cr mixed oxides, ZnO and Cr2O3. In this test, Zn-Cr (10:1) gave 82% of selectivity for 5-nonanone as the main product at 86% of conversion of the acid at 350oC. The catalyst showed stable performance at the best selected conditions with a small decrease in acid conversion. For catalyst characterization, BET surface area and porosity technique, X-ray diffraction and DRIFTS of pyridine adsorption were used.

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