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The electrochemical performance of Self-doped polyaniline- Molybdenum disulfide nanocomposite for vitamin B2 Determination

Lixia Wang, Tao Yang, Changming Mao, Fanglin Du


In this work, the self-doped polyaniline-molybdenum disulfide (SPAN-MoS2) nanocomposite with outstanding conductivity and synergistic electrochemical activity was prepared by ultrasonic exfoliating method. In the ultrasonic process, the negatively charged SPAN served as an intercalator to result in few-layers MoS2 nanosheets exfoliated from bulk MoS2. The obtained SPAN-MoS2 nanocomposite owns large conjugated structure and rich negative charge because of the strong π-π* stacking interaction and electrostatic repulsion, which can enhance the adsorption of some conjugate structured and positively charged biomoleculars, such as vitamin B2 (VB2). The results also displayed that the electrochemical responses were further affected by the mass ratio and the ultrasonication time.

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