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One pot synthesis of some novel indole derivatives and their antimicrobial activity

Hemlata Dangi, Atish Roy, Aayushi Chanderiya, Sushil Kashaw, Ratnesh Das


In this study, we describe the creation of a straightforward and incredibly effective protocol for the synthesis of new 3-Substituted indole derivatives. This multicomponent reaction involved indole, acetylacetone and active aldehyde derivatives in the presence of ethanol as solvent followed by acetonitrile as a base. We go through current developments in organic synthesis methodology for multicomponent reactions that produce substituted indole derivatives with a more environmentally friendly base catalytic condition, as well as the applications that go along with them. FT-IR, 1H-NMR and MS are used to characterise the synthesized compound of indole derivatives. Antibacterial activity of synthesized compounds has also been done.  

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