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Experimental, DFT studies, and in silico molecular docking investigations of (Z)-2-amino-4-(methylthio)-N-phenylbutanehydrazonic acid and its Fe(II) and Mn(II) metal complexes as a potential antibacterial agent

Terkumbur Emmanuel Gber, Onyinye J. Ikenyirimba, Benjamin Etinwa, Immaculata J. Ikot, Imabasi T. Ita, Chioma M. Chioma, Ismail O. Amodu, Bartholomew B. Isang, Innocent Benjamin, Grace Inniama


Metal complexes of Methionine-phenylhydrazone (MPH) Schiff base were synthesized and experimentally characterized using FT-IR and UV-vis spectroscopy. The synthesized structures: MPH, Fe(MPH)2T2, and Mn(MPH)2T2 were theoretically studied using advanced electronic structure theory based on density functional theory (DFT) using the B3LYP and LanL2DZ methods. From the FT-IR spectral results, the ligand was bidentate coordinated to the central metal ion through the azomethine group's nitrogen atom and the carbonyl group's oxygen atom. As observed, the octahedral configuration of the molecule was due to the incorporation of the monodentate secondary ligand thiophene. The HOMO-LUMO results reveal the energy gap of Fe(MPH)2Tand Mn(MPH)2T2  to be  3.39 eV and 2.83 eV, respectively. Fe(MPH)2T2  was observed to have the highest energy gap, which shows that it is a hard and energetically stable molecule relative to Mn(MPH)2T2, which is softer and more reactive than   Fe(MPH)2T2. The topological analysis of the complexes reveals the Mn(MPH)2T2 complex with the relatively highest coordination bond based on the electron density distribution between the ligand and the metal atom. The experimental and computational drug design analysis shows the potential of the studied compounds as antibacterial agents. The molecular docking results reveal that the synthesized complexes generally showed greater interaction with 2XCS receptor proteins with significant hydrogen bond interactions and better binding affinity of  -7.1, -9.3, -8.4 Kcal/mol for MPH, Mn(MPH)2T2, and Fe(MPH)2T2 respectively.

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