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The cytotoxicity of brazilin and derivatives might be due to an inhibition of the c-Src-kinase

Annemarie E Kramell, Bianka Siewert, Jana Wiese, Veronika Temml, Hans-Peter Deigner, Ahmed Al-Harrasi, René Csuk


In this study, several derivatives of brazilin with different lipophilicity were synthesized. The cytotoxic potential of these substances was evaluated in S.R.B. assays. A triacetylated brazilin reaction with PBr3 or PCl3 and a subsequent aqueous workup led to the formation of a phosphorous ester containing two triacetylated brazilin subunits. This compound held unexpected high cytotoxicity. In this study, Brazilin-derived triacetate showed good cytotoxic activity (EC50 = 5.2 M) concerning A2780 carcinoma cells. The results from docking studies suggest that brazilin's cytotoxicity might be due to an inhibition of a tyrosine kinase in an ATP-competitive manner.

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