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Dealuminated and Desilicated Natural Zeolite as a Catalyst for Hydrocracking of Used Cooking Oil into Biogasoline

Karna Wijaya, Susi Erfina Purba, Wega - Trisunaryanti, Remi Ayu Pratika


The modification of natural zeolite has been conducted by dealumination and desilication using HCl and NaOH treatments as a catalyst for hydrocracking of used cooking oil into biogasoline. This research aimed to study the effect of dealumination and desilication on the natural zeolite activity and selectivity of a hydrocracking process. A variety of catalysts was prepared by applying 3, 6, and 9 M HCl in the dealumination of natural zeolite to produce DNZ(3-1), DNZ(3-2) DNZ(3-3), DNZ(6-1), DNZ(6-2), DNZ(6-3), DNZ(9-1), DNZ(9-2), and     DNZ(9-3) catalysts and NaOH in the desilication of natural zeolite to obtain NZB catalyst. The results showed that the dealumination and the desilication treatments affected the liquid product conversion of used cooking oil from catalytic hydrocracking. The hydrocracking of used cooking oil with NZB catalyst produced the highest gasoline fuel conversion of 94.87%. 



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