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Structure, Infrared and Raman spectroscopic studies of new AII(SbV0.50CrIII0.50)(PO4)2 (A = Ba, Sr, Pb) yavapaiite phases

Hajar Bellefqih, Rachid Fakhreddine, Rachid Tigha, Abderrahim Aatiq


Three new AII(Sb0.5Cr0.5)(PO4)2 (AII = Ba, Sr, Pb) yavapaiite phases, abbreviated as [ASbCr], have been successfully synthesized by a conventional solid-state reaction in air atmosphere. Their crystal structures have been investigated by Rietveld analysis from the X-ray powder diffraction method. Results show that Ba(Sb0.5Cr0.5)(PO4)2 crystallizes in monoclinic C2/m space group (Z = 2) with cell parameters a = 8.140(1) Å; b = 5.175(1) Å; c = 7.802(1) Å and β = 94.387(1)°. Structures of AII(Sb0.5Cr0.5)(PO4)2 (AII = Sr, Pb) compounds are comparable, and both crystallize in a distorted yavapaiite structure with C2/c space group (Z = 4). Obtained monoclinic cell parameters are: a = 16.5038(2) Å; b = 5.1632(1) Å; c = 8.0410(1) Å; β = 115.85(1) for [SrSbCr] and a = 16.684(2) Å; b = 5.156(1) Å c = 8.115(1) Å; β = 115.35(1)° for [PbSbCr]. Infrared and Raman spectroscopic study was undertaken to provide information about vibrations bonds within the studied yavapaiite materials.

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