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Anion exchange removal of Al3+ from Li+-Al3+ aqueous solution (originating from lithium recovery from brine)

Anissa Somrani, Ahmed Hichem Hamzaoui, Adel M'Nif


The purpose of this study is to separate aluminum(III) ion from an aqueous solution containing Li+ at 25°C. Al3+ was transferred into [Al(C2O4)3]3- by means of complexation and removed by an anion exchange resin. This resin was anionic type Amberlite IRA 402 regenerated by sodium chloride. Hence, a theoretical study based on speciation diagrams was carried out to determine the best pH domain for separation. The complexation of aluminum ions by ammonium oxalate was studied. The motar ratio of Ox/Al and pH was investigated. Optimum values of these factors were found to be 3 and 4 respectively. In this case, the remaining lithium is 98.5%.

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