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Citrate-Zn/Al Layered Double Hydroxide as Adsorbent of Congo Red from Aqueous Solution

Nurlisa Hidayati, Neza Rahayu Palapa, Bakri Rio Rahayu, Risfidian Mohadi, Elfita Elfita, Aldes Lesbani


Layered double hydroxide (LDH) of Zn/Al and citrate-Zn/Al was prepared and used as an adsorbent of Congo red from aqueous solution. LDH was characterized by X-ray, FTIR, and BET analysis. Adsorption of Congo red was studied through kinetic, isotherm, and thermodynamic analyses. Zn/Al LDH has diffraction at 10.29o (003) with interlayer distance 8.59 Å and citrate-Zn/Al LDHs have anomalous diffraction at 7.57o (003) with interlayer distance 11.68 Å. The surface area of citrate-Zn/Al (40.50 m2 g-1) has higher than pristine LDH (1.97 m2 g-1). Adsorption of Congo red was conducted at pH 6 for Zn/Al LDH and at pH 8 for citrate-Zn/Al LDH. Adsorption of Congo red on both LDHs follows the pseudo-second-order kinetic model. The isotherm parameter follows the Freundlich isotherm model with maximum adsorption capacity 166.67 mg g-1 for Zn/Al and 249.99 mg g-1 for citrate-Zn/Al LDH. Adsorption of Congo red on both LDHs was classified as physical adsorption with energy 4.085-4.148 kJ mol-1

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