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The fast and of low-cost-adsorbent to the removal of cationic and anionic dye using chicken eggshell with its membrane

Linda Hevira, Azimatur Rahmi, Rahmiana Zein, Zilfa Zilfa, Rahmayeni Rahmayeni


The use of the chicken eggshell with its membrane as low-cost adsorbent had been done to the removal of synthetic dyes in aqueous solution. Adsorption method in the batch system was done to adsorb Methylene Blue and Indigo Carmine as the cationic and anionic dyes. Some parameters were studied such as pH, contact time, initial concentration of dyes and mass of ES+M to find the optimum adsorption. The functional group of ES+M like hydroxyl, amine, carboxyl and thiol were used to binding the dyes. The characteristics of ES+M were determined by FTIR and XRF to analyzed functional group and elements composition before and after adsorption. The adsorption capacity optimum of ES+M to adsorb Methylene Blue was 11.54 mg/g with % RE 92.34% in 30 minutes, and Indigo Carmine was 8.04 mg/g with % RE 64.34% in 15 minutes.


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