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The use of TiO2 as catalyst in thin film fixed bed reactor for the treatment of landfill water

Redha Kernani, Nabil Mameri, Hakim Lounici


The main purpose of this study is the use of TiO2 as catalyst in thin film fixed bed reactor (TFBR) for the treatment of landfill water with the high initial concentration of recalcitrant organic matter. The effectiveness treatment process was determined by the evaluation of the influence of the experimental parameters such as the pH on the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and NH4+ concentration. The experimental assays were performed by varying the pH value from 5 to 6. The results obtained after treatment using this process was relevant. Indeed, a decrease of about 92% of the COD was achieved at pH maintained at 5. Moreover, the value of the BOD5/COD ratio obtained indicated that the water obtained after treatment are favorable for biological treatment. However, the NH4+ concentration was not affected by this process and remained at its high value.

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