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Utilization of waste Tunisian palm tree date as low-cost adsorbent for the removal of dyes from textile wastewater

Sami Guiza, Khadija Ghiloufi, Final Mohamed Bagane


 The removal of dyes such, as methylene blue and Congo red, from an aqueous solution is studied by adsorption Tunisian palm tree date. The equilibrium isotherm for each dye-adsorbent system was determined. The experimental results have been fitted with Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms. The maximum adsorption capacities of palm tree date are found to be 200 and 90 mg/g at dyes of methylene blue and Congo red, respectively. A comparative cost study, based on the adsorption capacity alone, has shown that the costs of the required adsorbent are 1.1%, and 1, 8%, respectively, compared with the case of commercial granular activated carbon. The Gibb’s free energy values obtained confirm that the process is feasible and spontaneous ΔG < 0. The negative values of ΔH indicate that an exothermic chemisorption took place. The negative values of ΔS suggest that the randomness decreases after adsorption.

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