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Photocatalytic degradation of Doxycycline in aqueous solution using Fe2O3 andFe2O3-Bi2WO6 catalysts

Laila El Azzouzi, Najat Qisse, Mariam Ennouhi, Asmae Bouziani, Imane Ellouzi, Hafida Mountacer, Abdallah Zrineh, Souad El Hajjaji


Photocatalytic degradation of Doxycycline in heterogeneous media constituted by nanoparticles of Fe2O3 and Fe2O3-Bi2WO6 was studied. The Bi2WO6 was prepared by hydrothermal method, and the Fe2O3-Bi2WO6 was obtained by mechanical mixing of Bi2WO6 to an amount of Fe2O3 and their photocatalytic activity to degrade doxycycline (Dox) under UV irradiation supported by H2O2 were studied. The H2O2 reacts with photogenerated electrons leading to the production of hydroxyl radicals (OH). The Fe2O3 acts like a Fenton reagent, accelerating the production of OH. In the present study Bi2WO6-Fe2O3/ H2O2 system demonstrate much higher photocatalytic efficiency to degrade Dox than pure Bi2WO6.

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