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The dielectric and electrical proprieties of Ethylcarbazole family based copolymer

Hussam Bouaamlat, Nasr Hadi, Hayat Sadki, Mohammed Bennani, Farid Abdi, Tajeddine Lamcharfi, Mohammed Bouachrine, Mustapha Abarkan


The dielectric and electrical proprieties of Ethylcarbazole family based copolymer such as Poly(Ethylcarbazole-Terphenyl) (PEcbz-Ter), Poly(Ethylcarbazole-Anthracene) (PEcbz-Ant) and Poly(Ethylcarbazole-Furan) (PEcbz-Fur) were investigated over the frequency range from 1 kHz to 2 MHz. The dielectric constant ε'r for (PEcbz-Ter), (PEcbz-Ant) and (PEcbz-Fur) pellets was found to decrease as the frequency increases and it was recorded a value of 11 7 , 11 6 and 7 6 respectively at 1 kHz. The dielectric loss was investigated and have a value below 1% at 11 kHz, which is suitable for several energy storage applications.

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