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Synthesis of New Organophosphorus Compounds Derived from 2- Arylidenecyclohexane-1-one

Mona Hizkial Arsanious, Ibtisam Hennawy


2-(4-Arylidene)cyclohexane-1-one derivatives react with 2,4- bis (phenylthio) -1,3-dithia,2,4- diphosphetane-2,4-disulphide (JR)  to give a mixture of the  benzo-dithiadiphosphi-nine -2-sulphides and dithiadispirotetradecanes. The same reaction was carried out using Lawesson's reagent to yield the 4-methoxyphenylbenzo-dithiaphosphinine sulfides. A putative reaction mechanism involves an initial thiation of arylidenecyclohexane-1-one derivatives then Michael addition by sulfide anion of Lawesson's reagents followed by intramolecular cyclization and resulting in the formation of new heterocyclic compounds containing phosphorus moiety. Biological activities for some of the new compounds are also reported.


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