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Synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrano[c]chromene derivatives using porous copper oxide as nanocatalyst and their electrochemical study

Aayushi Chanderiya, Atish Roy, Ratnesh Das


This research describes a multi-component condensation reaction of 3,4-dihydropyrano[c]chromene from aldehydes, Dicyanomethane, and 4-Hydroxy-2H-chromen-2-one in a solvent system having water and ethanol at ambient temperature. The ratio of water and ethanol was 1:1. Mild reaction temperatures, quick reaction durations, facile product isolation, use of less hazardous solvents, and excellent yields are all essential and valuable characteristics of this approach. In addition, nanoparticles showed perfect catalytic activity since they have more surface area. The electrochemical study of the synthesized product has been done by cyclic voltammetry.

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